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We live in an era of the internet. In this era, if you don’t have a website for your business or team projects then you are like a caveman, still lurking in the darkness. Look around yourself. The world is all about the internet now.

The virtual world of the internet is more real and valuable than the physical world we live in now. But the internet cannot live by itself, It depends on the physical world, It depends on us. 

There are millions of websites up on the internet. But they cannot run by themselves. Each website needs a domain for hosting itself. Without a domain, you cannot possibly host a website on the internet. 

Just like we have many companies for website developing and creating, website hosting has many companies for it. One of these website hosting companies is SiteGround

So, is SiteGround a good web hosting company? Will it be suitable for you? Let’s find out. Here is my review on SiteGround. 

Introducing SiteGround 

SiteGround was found by a group of university students in Bulgaria. The company was launched in 2004. It may have started as a small company but eventually, its hosting demand expanded and now its popularity has tripled in size. 

The company is now hosting more than 2 million domains from its 4 databases around the world and it has created jobs for over 500 IT experts. 

SiteGround has a 24/7 helpline for their clients and offers a ton of benefits to them. They offer high-speed web page loading for their domains and a very useful plug-in that can easily replace 3-4 of other plug-ins that you use. All of these are offered while also maintaining high security. Their payment method is a monthly subscription model. 

SiteGround Domain Types & Costs 

SiteGround offers three types of domains with different monthly pricing and facilities. Each of them is suitable for different scenarios. Take note that SiteGround domains are not cheap. So if you are on a budget, then we are afraid that SiteGround is not for you. So, keeping that in mind, let’s look at the different domains and their prices. 


It’s a basic website starter package that features up to 10 GB of storage. It is ideal for those who are doing projects and other small stuff that need a small or medium website. It features unlimited bandwidth and a capacity of up to 10,000 traffics/ visitors monthly (What is SEO and how can it be improved?). You can pay extra for accessing some advanced features. 

The starting cost of the Startup plan is £5.99 and after renewal, it will cost £11.99 per month. 

As you can see, the functions are ideal for small projects but the price after the first month is too much for a project. If you are looking for a host to only host for your website, Start Up plan is the better option.  


Now let’s have a look at the GrowBig domain pack. Unlike the Startup plan, the GrowBig plan allows you to host multiple websites and faster, better web servers. You will have access to 20 GB of storage space and get staging areas for WordPress. Moreover, you can add collaborators to this package. 

GrowBig also features Super Cache, which allows your webpage to load faster and it has an on-demand backup service. If your website is part of the GrowBig domain, it can handle up to 25,000 visitors per month. 

The cost of this package is £8.99 for the first month and after renewal, it will be £19.99. 


GoGeek is the best SiteGround can offer. It has unlimited website hosting and better, faster servers like the GrowBig pack. You will get 30 GB of web storage and a capacity of 100,000 monthly visitors. It is idle for those who need a website for big projects and advanced tools. 

The cost of this package is £12.99 for the first month and after renewal, it will be £29.99 per month. 

SiteGround Security 

One important thing that every website owner must consider is security. Webpages are highly vulnerable to hacking and according to statistics, more than 50,000 websites get hacked every day. So is SiteGround one of those websites that can get hacked easily? 

No. SiteGround is very strong on the security end. They have the option available for you to install an SSL certificate for security. Moreover, you are getting a Let’s Encrypt certificate for free. 

SiteGround uses PHP for securing the web pages. This eliminates the risk of being hacked. They use PHO version 7.1.33 by default, which can be changed. Besides, SiteGround isolates its websites. So, if any of their websites get hacked by chance, it won’t affect the neighbour webpages. Their security patch gets updated regularly. 

So overall, SiteGround is very strong and reliable when it comes to security. 

SiteGround Performance 

SiteGround is overall at the top in case of website speed and security. Their domain uptime speed is at 99.99%, way above the standard being 99.95%. 

They have a very convenient webpage interface from which you can easily book a domain, add or delete a website, add payment, etc. 

They allow you to host your website on any of their 4 servers in different parts of the world for reaching your target audience quickly. SiteGround domains are compatible with WordPress. 

SiteGround features a plug-in, the SiteGround Optimizer and it can do many useful features. The SiteGround Optimizer can easily replace 3 to 4 alternate plug-in software working together. 

So overall, we can say that SiteGround is an idle place to buy a domain and host your website. You don’t need to worry about security and upload time. However, the only downside of SiteGround is the price. It may be cheap for the first month but after renewal, it is considerably expensive. 


So, should we recommend SiteGround to you? Yes, if only you can afford it. SiteGround is very strong and reliable from every perspective of hosting a website. From security, accessibility to their 24/7 helpline. Everything works just fine. Just it’s too expensive after the first month. So, if you can afford the price, then it’s a good place to host your website. 


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