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based in Leicestershire

a small section about me and CSG.

Hello, I am Chris!

I am a standard guy with a beard living in Leicester, who has decided to extend my freelance knowledge in designing websites to help small businesses grow. Or individuals who want to have their own online presence, with a blog or portfolio.

Currently working in a 9-5 office enviroment, with part time freelance in web design throughout the evenings and weekends set at 50% capacity. My sole aim is to gather enough clients to work full time as a website designer, this will allow me to work 100% for my clients.

I am self taught in the following, from email marketing, visual design using Adobe illustrator, basics in SEO, Social Media marketing, client management, business creative and I am continuing to extend my knowledge.

I will help you start your online adventure, using the skills and knowledge I have obtained. Even if it is a quick chat to help guide you on your path, send me a message or call using my contact information.

My approach is to make you feel as comfortable as possible, for us to be able to get your business online in a way that you’re happy with.

The Golden Rule I have lived by is “treat people how you want to be treated”.

Therefore for me its more than just building another website, its building another relationship.

To find out more on websites, or any of the above please contact me.



“Those crazy eyes..”

Skills in certain areas I’ve used to help me design..


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Creating websites with HTML to structure a webpage, using software such as Sublime Text, VS Code. 


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Using CSS to bring the HTML to life, used for changing and adjusting the format of the core content to interact with the page – I’ve created websites with HTML/CSS alone.

Abode Illustrator

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Adobe illustrator

I’m able to create LOGO designs, business cards and illustrations using illustrator. I’ve used Ai to help me design some visual graphics for myself. (As well as my own Logo)

Note: I am still a beginner.

Give your audience a place to visit, online.

Lets create your website!

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