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Apr 5, 2021 | 0 comments

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Almost many people dream of having a developed and grown business platform. To fulfill the dream people, have to invest wisely. In this 21st century, we have seen how technological development is helping us to connect with the whole world within a second.

As technological development is taking place, it’s easy to get the popularity and grow your business by using the internet services. To do so you need to have your website and it needs to be a developed website. Hence, your website needs the best hosting company and DreamHost is one of them.   

DreamHost is one of the best award-winning web hosting companies in the United States of America. It was founded in 1996 and owned by the New Dream Network, LLC. It was founded by four undergraduate students in 1996 and the company was registered in 1997. Starting from 2000 to 2010, DreamHost began to give the best services and has been popular since then.  

Within these 25 years, it gained huge popularity due to the best services it provides. When you are looking for the best web hosting company, you can choose DreamHost undoubtedly. For your convenience, we are providing all the necessary information alongside mentioning the pros and cons of DreamHost.     

What Kind of Products does DreamHost Provide?  

DreamHost doesn’t only provide shared hosting services but also provide domain names. If you want to get any kind of domain name you can look for the domain names from DreamHost. The company provides a different kind of domain name but for a .com domain, it costs $7.99 

In the case of hosting services, there are different types of packages you will get from DreamHost.  

  1. Shared Hosting: The shared hosting provided by the company will help you to save a lot of your money. It costs only $3.95 per month for 1-site plans and $9.95 for unlimited plans. The shared hosting will be the best way to start developing your website and when it reaches more than 2 lac visitors per month you have to upgrade the hosting version.  
  1. VPS Hosting: Virtual private server hosting helps you to get independent hosting servers. The servers are comparatively smaller but it is independent of others. You can shape the server depending on your requirements. The package starts from $13.75 per month for this hosting service and it can reach $110 per month.  
  1. Dedicated Hosting: If you realize that your website is already big enough then you can buy the dedicated hosting service. Dedicated hosting service is a little bit costly and the starting cost of dedicated hosting is $149 per month.  
  1. Cloud Hosting: Cloud hosting is another kind of hosting services provided by the DreamHost company. In cloud hosting the servers are interconnected and the interconnected servers will host the website. The cost of cloud hosting depends on your need for storage or RAM.   
  1. WordPress Hosting: They provide WordPress package services for both shared and VPS hosting services. You can choose the managed WordPress account where you will be getting updates automatically and dedicated WordPress assistance. The three packages are given below: 
  • Shared WordPress Hosting Package costs $3.95 per month for one site 
  • Virtual Private Server WordPress Hosting package costs $13.75 per month 
  • Managed WordPress Package $16.95 per month 

Website Builder: If you don’t want to handle any kind of problems and wishing to launch a primary website then you can take their package of a website builder. The package is cheap too and it costs only a starting price of $4.95.   

Pros of Using the Services of DreamHost:  

  • Their pricing is transparent and affordable 
  • Their plan structure is easy to understand and helps you to decide quickly 
  • They try to give the best performance in case of both speed and uptime 
  • The bandwidth is unlimited and the storage too. This helps a lot for developing a website 
  • Their backend is modern so it might take some of your time to master yourself 
  • DreamHost doesn’t force you to upgrade your package until you reach your preferred destination 
  • You can get back the money you invested for their services even after 97 days which means almost 3 months. You can test their service without any loss.  

Cons of using the Service of DreamHost:  

Nothing comes with only advantages, so there can be some cons too for using their services. It’s up to your choice and preference whether you can ignore the cons in front of the Pros. 

  • They don’t have automatic installation services for all hosting packages. They have the service only for WordPress Hosting. 
  • The servers of the company are only located in the United States. So the people of Asia or Europe can’t use their service.  
  • You won’t be getting any kind of email account for the starter plans. You have to pay separately for the email account in the shared starter hosting plan  
  • The company has the lacking of some advanced features 
  • Although they offer 24 hours support via ticket support this service is slow. They offer live chat support only for a specific duration in a day.  


DreamHost is the most reliable and trusted website hosting company. It’s trying to overcome the lacking it has. The number of users of DreamHost is increasing day by day and people are getting benefitted from their services.  

It’s tough and time-consuming to look for all the required information about the company. Thus, we have made the review most convenient so that you can check it easily. Hoping that our review will help you to choose the best website hosting services for your blog or developing business.  


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