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We live in the 21st century. Almost everything is now done online. From our work, education to shopping. In the world of the internet, we are identified with our email. Our email addresses are more important to us than we can ever imagine.

It’s not only important for us users but its also important to the people and company that runs e-commerce shops and businesses. They use our emails as a medium to reach us and market their new products and services to us. This is what we have known as email marketing. 

Based on the companies and individuals need, many software has been developed for email marketing. One of them is MailChimp

What is email marketing? 

We all know that email marketing refers to a company/ business promoting their new products and services to us, consumers, using our email address. 

Well, that’s the basic idea. But how do these companies do that? Do they select us individually or group-wise for marketing? Do they market all their products to us or something according to our need? 

Email marketing is not that simple as selecting and emailing us with new product promotions. It is deeper and more complex. 

It all starts with our first purchase from an e-commerce shop when we verify our identity with our email. Nowadays some physical shop has started to do that for using email marketing. 

After verifying our purchase, the company/ business person lists our email addresses on an email marketing software like MailChimp, or some prefer to do it by themselves. 

Software and Algorithms.

If you list them on software, that software will track those email address and their activities on the web using Google’s services. According to our activities, these software will list our demands and needs using certain algorithms. When the company will bring new products, you can select the persons for email marketing using those algorithms. 

Email marketing does not necessarily require online tracking for grouping customers. Sometimes the owner of the business just groups his/ her customers without tracking. 

As you see, grouping your customers and mailing all of them by yourself requires a lot of time and labour. In business, time is money. So you cannot afford to spend too much time on email marketing by yourself. So the best way for email marketing is using a reliable email marketing software such as MailChimp. 

Introducing MailChimp 

What is MailChimp? MailChimp is a software that helps you in email marketing. This software collects the email of your customers and your contacts. 

With MailChimp, you don’t have to worry about emailing everyone individually. The software will do that for you. You can create your own email for marketing along with pictures and other attachments. 

MailChimp is compatible with other apps and Google. Because of its comparability, you can link your Google or any other database from where MailChimp will collect the email address and their information. 

It is free software that is very easy to use for email marketing. 

What are you getting from MailChimp? 

MailChimp is a free software for email marketing. Well, it’s not totally free. You will be able to list and market your products to 2000 contacts for free. If you want to add more emails for marketing, you can do that by paying a small amount of money. Which is totally justifiable by the amount of work MailChimp is doing for you. 

What else are you getting? Well, you can group your contacts and label them A, B. You can do split marketing and more. 

You can do A, B split email campaigns that can be very helpful for you to identify which marketing strategy works the best for your business. 

You can plug in other platforms with MailChimp and MailChimp will autofill your email list and information from those platforms. 

The details.

One of the best things about MailChimp is that you can design a theme for your email that represents your brand. For example colors. Each brand has a color that represents itself. For Apple it’s white, For Youtube it’s Red. You can design your brand’s marketing email with its color so when a target customer opens your promotion mail, they can feel your brand’s presence in it. 

MailChimp has many ready-made templates for your marketing. So if you are in an emergency, you can pick one of those templates and prepare it for your brand’s marketing. 

One important element in email marketing is the image. An image can help your customer to keep his/ her attention for reading the mail. MailChimp has many stock images available for you to use and they are for free. So if you don’t have any photos of your brand, you can pick one of those stock images. 

How using MailChimp will help you extend your reach in 2021? 

MailChimp can be a free email marketing service for your business. Emails are now an integrated part of our daily lives. Our business, work, social network everything is connected with our email. So if anyone has our email, that means he/ she is connected with us in the virtual world. 

So if you have your customer’s email address, you can track all of their activities online with the help of Google and use that information to your advantage to market the proper products and services he or she may be interested in. 

MailChimp does this tracking for you and shows you a lot of useful analytics data. For example, you have used multiple types of headlines for email marketing the same product. MailChimp will show you which emails get opened the most and with that data, you can design your next marketing campaign. This is how MailChimp will help your business to extend and grab more customers in 2021. 


MailChimp is a very easy to use platform for email marketing. The best thing about it is its compatibility with other software for auto-filling your email list. You can do a B split test using MailChimp to determine which strategy works best and design your next campaign with that format. So if you’re looking for email marketing, then MailChimp is the best software, to begin with.


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