Hostinger Review: Is It Worth it or Not

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Establishing a website requires several factors to take into consideration like Domain, Theme, and of course, Hosting! Choosing the perfect hosting provider will save you from a lot of hassle of managing your website. Getting a good hosting provider will make your website load faster and help you get SEO reach, and this is where Hostinger comes into play.

Besides, if you choose a good web hosting provider, you’ll be safe from hacking and malicious attacks. This is where Hostinger comes in with their efficient web hosting service that will end your worry!
After you have your domain, the next thing you need is web hosting. Before choosing a hosting, you need to keep these essential factors in mind-
● Estimated budget
● Compatibility with your business plan
● Customer support
● Add-ons
● User reviews
● Ease of use

Along with Free emailing features, SSL, and CDN, you also need to back up your data daily. And all these features can easily be availed by choosing Hostinger as your web hosting provider. Check out some themes for WordPress if you need some ideas

Why Should You Choose It?

Among all the amazing features Hostinger provides, let’s discuss which ones make it stand out.

●      Effective Onboarding Features

People who are new to website management often find it overwhelming when they start their journey. This is where Hostinger makes it easier for their customers by laying out an extremely easy onboarding setup process. They provide a step-by-step guide so that the user can understand the process easily and finish the setup without any trouble.

●      Competitive Price Plans

No matter how small or large your business is, you always have an estimated budget that you want to spend on web hosting. With Hostinger, you only pay for the hosting service, not for marketing. Most of the web hosting providers spend a large amount of money on marketing and eventually they make the customers pay most of it through hosting charges. Unlike these companies, Hostinger stands out with its competitive pricing features that will satisfy your needs.

●      SSL and Domain Hosting with Free of Cost

Among Hostinger’s price plans, if you choose Business or Premium, you’ll get free SSL with domain hosting. If you’re starting a new business, this could be extremely helpful for you and not many companies will let you avail of this feature.
Along with that, its SSL certificate ensures high-end security, and Hostinger’s business plan also provides an effective SEO ranking.

●      Free Website Builder

Web hosting comes with a free website builder that will allow you to create a top-notch website without any cost. The website builder is easy to use, and you don’t need to have much knowledge about technical factors to understand how to work on it. This website builder comes with hundreds of templates that you can use to build your site. What more could you want!

●      Easy Optimization

To make sure that the Content Management System (CMS) is working perfectly, your website has to be optimized. Hostinger has a track record of being able to optimize websites based on clients’ needs. Hostinger comes with custom servers and cache-plugins that will help websites work faster.

●      Speed and Consistent Uptime

One of the most essential features of web hosting is faster response and uptime. Speed of website affects SEO ranking and traffic. Hostinger comes with a cloud web hosting feature that offers 3 times more WordPress speed. With further essential features like PHP, FTP, and MySQL, Hostinger definitely is one of the best in terms of offering speed and the best uptime.

●      Easy to Use Control Panel

Hosting comes with a control panel named cPanel which is really easy to use. It’s quite similar to cPanel, but it has a more unique design and additional features that make it stand out. The dashboard of the cPanel allows users to find their essential functions easily and set up accounts or change passwords without much difficulty. You can also switch to PHP and track resource usage through this control panel.

●      Multiple Data Centres around the Globe

Hostinger has around 150 offices around the world. And they have established 7 data centres so far in Asia and Europe. These data centres provide extremely fast connections that bring maximum stability and performance.

Pricing Plans

Hostinger has a lot of pricing options that you can choose from. Let’s look at the short summary to understand what it offers.

●      Shared

Single – 1 website – £0.99/month
Premium – 100 websites – £1.99/month
Business – 100 websites – £3.99/month

●      Cloud Hosting

Start-up – 300 websites – 3 GB RAM – £7.99/month 
Professional – 300 websites – 6 GB RAM – £14.99/month
Global – – 300 websites – 16 GB RAM – £49.99/month

●      VPS Hosting

VPS1 – 1 core – £3.95/month
VPS2 – 2 cores – £8.95/month
VPS3 – 3 cores – £12.95/month
VPS4 – 4 cores – £15.95/month
VPS5 – 5 cores – £23.95/month
VPS6 – 6 cores – £29.99/month

●      Email Hosting

Business – 10 GB – £0.99/month
Enterprise – 30 GB – £2.49/month

●      Minecraft Hosting!

Yes – Hostinger even has Minecraft Hosting! Me and my son play Minecraft, reading their pricing plan makes me want to commit, just because of the package names! Check it out.


● Offers hosting plans for both Linux and Windows
● Custom WordPress plans
● Responsive and helpful customer support
● Affordable price range
● Domain availability with free of cost
● Higher speed than most other hosting providers


● Disk space is not unlimited
● Customer support doesn’t function over the phone yet

Bottom Line

And that’s it! We’re bringing an end to this review of Hostinger web hosting service provider by stating that this is one of the best hosting providers that you will find. Obviously, there are some drawbacks to their service, but you can’t get web hosting cheaper than the price that Hostinger provides. If you’re a beginner or don’t want to spend much on web hosting, Hostinger is the perfect choice for you!


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