Top 5 WordPress Themes for 2021

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WordPress or is a website that allows you to build your website without having any knowledge of coding and programming. It allows anyone to build a website for their webpage, business, corporation, company, and whatnot. With drag & drop, you can easily build a website without spending any extra money on hiring a freelance web developer.

WordPress includes many readymade themes and templates. You can use them, customize them or mix multiple themes and templates to create your unique theme. start building a website with Bluehost here

Another benefit of using WordPress for web development is that the WordPress build websites tend to rank higher on the Google search engine due to their mobile responsiveness. The higher your web page rank on Google, the more traffic and visitors it will get, which is very profitable and beneficial for e-commerce websites. 

So now that you are eager to build your webpage on WordPress, you will naturally want to use the best themes. There are more than thousands of themes available in WordPress, so it will be very difficult for you to choose the right one. But don’t worry, we have your back. Here is our review of the top 5 themes you can use to build your webpage on WordPress. 

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Divi, developed by Elegant Themes, is one of the top-rated WordPress theme shops. The Divi themes are mainly famous for their multi-purpose uses. You are getting access to 2 themes and 2 plug-ins for paying the price of a single theme. You are getting more than 100+ ready to use themes for your website. 

This theme pack also comes with the Divi Builder, which is very useful for building your customized website with drag & drop technology. You can get a live preview of what your webpage will look like which will assist you to design it more quickly. 

Divi is an ideal WordPress theme for those who are looking for one single theme shop to build all their webpages. 


SeedProd is the best WordPress theme for all the non-coder digital marketers out there. With SeedProd, you can build any kind of landing page. If you are wondering what a landing page is, it is the webpage that visitors will land on after clicking on a promotion or marketing link. 

This WordPress web page builder is equipped with more than hundreds of readymade themes that you can choose, customize and design for making your sale, promotion page. 

This theme builder is compatible with many useful third-party services that digital marketers use for building their traffic or contact lists. 


If you are looking for a quick start in your website development project, then Ultra is your best option. Developed by Themify, you can create any kind of website for your project by using their powerful drag and drop interface. 

Ultra-features a library with 60 complete web page layouts, created by professional web designers, each design comes with its themed landing pages. With just a few clicks, you can import these themes and customize them to create your own design, or just use one of the readymade designs right away. 

It is the perfect theme maker for quick projects. 


StudioPress is by far the best WordPress webpage theme in case of functionality. The StudioPress themed web pages are very SEO friendly, which will help your business to rank first on the Google search list. The webpages are mainly built under the Genesis framework and it features an additional child theme. With the child theme option, you can basically copy your actual site’s coding and design for updating them. The pros of this method are that, if you mistakenly mess up your web page in the update process, it will not affect the main web page coding as they are protected outside of the child theme. 

The Genesis framework uses clean codes, which allows your webpage to load very fast. Even less than 1 second. Clean codes also help your webpage to avoid any kind of technical issues. 

All the themes in StudioPress are coded with HTML5, which makes your web page very flexible in mobile responsiveness. The SEO friendliness and mobile-friendliness will help your WordPress website to easily rank on top of the search engine. 

So, if your main purpose is to rank on top of the search engine, then we recommend you to use the StudioPress themes. 

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Avada, the number one bestselling theme in WordPress of all time, is designed by Theme Fusion. It is a well-balanced theme. You will get all the necessary themes and tools you will need for building your web page of any kind, from selling, landing page to blogs, business, and corporate web pages, Avada’s got your back. 

With a very easy and convenient to use theme builder, you can literally create an unlimited number of designs. You can also use their readymade themes or customize them by changing their colour or slightly change the layout to create a unique theme for your website. 

Avada theme webpages are fully compatible with any kind of plug-ins. The theme pack comes with many packages including plug-ins like Elastic Slider, Revolution Slider, Parallax Fusion Slider, Layer Slider, and Avadas own specialized plug-in the Fusion core WordPress plug-in. 

The Fusion Core plugin was designed only for Avada webpages. This plugin can do many useful things like generating short codes, useful for programmers. 

Together with all these plug-ins, you can create a very unique web page for yourself that will feature animations and sliders. 

Final Verdict 

WordPress is a very reliable and easy way to build your webpage and you can update your page within moments without going through the hardship of coding. Anyone can install, create and publish their website within moments. It is a very fast way of designing web pages for your clients, perfect for freelance web developers. All the web page themes in WordPress are designed carefully by professionals to be attractive and user-friendly and you always have the option to customize them. So, choose whichever theme suits you better from our list. 

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Top 5 WordPress Themes for 2021

WordPress or is a website that allows you to build your website without having any knowledge of coding and programming. It allows...

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