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CSG offers both Web Hosting AND Support as a bundle deal, each Option is directed at helping my client, YOU.

To provide you a little flexibility when it comes to building your first Website. I offer monthly costs to keep your website online and healthy, rather than one large payment sum. Hosting your website with my Web Design services, you need not worry! 

Avoid the stress of fishing around, searching for hosting plans. Why not keep the designer, hosting and support in one place?

If you have a budget, maybe spreading the cost out this way will be much more easier.

And of course, you surely do not need to choose my package.

Other companies have been highlighted further down the page to give you some guidance – these are based on real online statistics and my through own experience.

You can cancel the packages anytime, and transfer to a new hosting provider.

Overall, SiteGround hosting ranks top of all web hosting companies for both uptime (99.99%) and speed (673ms).

SiteGround is fit for large, resource-intensive sites. It has more powerful and technical features than other hosting companies.

This is recommended if you’re planning on publishing numerous sites, if a single site is needed visit other recommendations.

Free SSL – Free Site Email – 30 Days Money Back

Pricing starts at £5.99/month

(Upfront Cost £71.88 +vat)

Price for 12months

Also in the top 10 hosting sites in the world with an uptime at (99.98%) and speeds near (500ms). makes it easy and quick to get a website up and running, has an easy-to-use cPanel interface that’s ideal for beginners with a wide array of great features.

For a creating your own comapny website Bluehost is a fantastic competitor, is generally fast and has reliable servers.

Free SSL – Free Site Email – Free Domain

Pricing starts at £2.83/month

(Upfront Cost £101.88 +vat)

Price for 36months

Read Bluehost review here. is one of the fastest hosts with speeds close to (648ms) and with an uptime of (99.97%).

One feature that we’re always happy to see is 24/7/365 customer support, Dreamhost offers exactly that.

Offering 200+ themes for starter sites AND video tutorials, they certainly put their customers at top priority.

Free SSL – Free Site Email – Free Domain

Pricing starts at £1.86/month

(Upfront Cost £66.96 +vat)

Price for 36months

Hostinger WordPress hosting is one of the cheapest shared hosting providers on the market, with an uptime (99.95%) and speed (350ms).

They offer a multilingual customer support team, live chat, and they integrated intercom as their main support system.

Don’t let the pricing throw you off, there is a reason they fall under the top 10 hosting companies in the world, and continuing to get better!

Free SSL – Free Site Email – Free Domain

Pricing starts at £0.99/month

Read Hostinger review here.

(Upfront Cost £47.52 +vat)

Price for 48months

Need more information on hosting?

You can send me an email asking anything on Web Hosting. I will try my best to get back to you ASAP!

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Web Hosting and Domains.

The main structure to a website is the hosting, this is the physical location where all files are stored, amongst servers or several servers on machines and accessed virtually.

Unfortunately we dont get to see these machines, think of it as “The Cloud”!

Hosting itself is bought through a web hosting company or a web hosting provider, these hosting companies rent out their spaces on their servers for our websites to live for a period of time.

Ultimatley with each website you need a host, as well as choosing a domain name, this refers to your website.

SSL Certificates.

SSL Certifications, also known as (Secure Socket Layer) is an additional security layer to your website.

The SSL helps to prevent your websites data being hacked, this magnificent encryption prevents the hackers from deciphering vital information used on your website.

Not having this certificate on your site opens doors for attackers who will take sensitive information, login details, passwords and payment details.

Performance and Uptime.

When searching websites you come across sites that tend to take their time loading, after 5 seconds you debate leaving, after 10 seconds you’ve left the site.

Performance is a vital key, slow loading websites has a massive impact on business revenue, you want customers to stay and view, not leave because your website is slow.

Choosing the right hosting provider is crucial for speed. Take note on the hostings hardware, do some research on google per hosting provider and look at their uptime.

(I have mentioned the uptime in above hosting companies)

You can also check your own website speed here.


In today’s world of designing websites, hosting companies include a dedicated email address which ends with your domain name.

i.e. (

Make sure when choosing a host that they offer email support, and a feature for free email name, there are still hosts that do not offer these services.

I recommend for 2021, not only for their free email but overall they have outstanding reviews.

Still debating on creating a new website?

Check out the packages on my home page, if you need more information on anything please contact me.

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